Sunday, 22 January 2012

So casual, but elegant January with Rihanna

Rihanna’s style is not constant and it changes every day. She dresses casual things, but always elegant and glamorous. By the way, dear Ladies, don't forget to catch sight of Rihanna’s love to use many accessories and jewelry. 

“I like to express both sides of my character – feminine and scurrilous.  So my style is so diverse,” – says Rihanna.

Big size earrings and long long beaded necklaces look perfect! She know exactly what to wear to get the top of fashion stage.

                        Just have a look at these amazing "peacock's tail earrings"

                              Golden bracelets is a good mix with red dress! 

Green earring, red hair, black dress...incredible! 

Rihanna is wearing a rose cut diamond bracelet by Amrapali

So, Rihanna's look is great, isn't it? She emphasizes her individual and special style again and again! 

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