Monday, 30 January 2012

Exploring accessories through SAG Awards 2012

Dear Ladies, it is time to explore the greatest event SAG Awards 2012!

Oh, there are so many beautiful people who sparkle the light of Fashion world.

No doubt, girls, you can see the most wonderful and elegant accessories here. Just have a look and don’t forget to enjoy the brightness of them and take good note of star style!

Where are my sunglasses? Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is shining like the sun at the red carpet. Just have a look at her precious earrings!

Natalie Portman chose the bright style of earrings also

 And look at red glowing earrings of Judy Greer! Very attractive!

What a charming mix of Jessica Chastain’s red hair and blue sapphires!

And Spanish actress Paz Vega gives sunny mood for everybody with her earrings!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

So casual, but elegant January with Rihanna

Rihanna’s style is not constant and it changes every day. She dresses casual things, but always elegant and glamorous. By the way, dear Ladies, don't forget to catch sight of Rihanna’s love to use many accessories and jewelry. 

“I like to express both sides of my character – feminine and scurrilous.  So my style is so diverse,” – says Rihanna.

Big size earrings and long long beaded necklaces look perfect! She know exactly what to wear to get the top of fashion stage.

                        Just have a look at these amazing "peacock's tail earrings"

                              Golden bracelets is a good mix with red dress! 

Green earring, red hair, black dress...incredible! 

Rihanna is wearing a rose cut diamond bracelet by Amrapali

So, Rihanna's look is great, isn't it? She emphasizes her individual and special style again and again! 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Earrings on Golden Globe

In 2012 there are three trends – fashion classic diamond earrings “chandeliers” made of white gold, neat pinks” (its design can vary from laconic large stones, as Angelina Jolie wears, to the special shapes a la Viola Davis) and, of course, colored stones. Just have a look:
No doubt, everybody was impressed by Kathryn Bailey and her diamond earrings "chandeliers"   

Angelina Jolie looks preciously... as usual

Debra Messing chose amethysts...
Special shapes earrings a la Viola Davis

Elle Macpherson gives sunny energy with her brightest earrings  

The most beautiful part of a woman’s body is…Neck. Let’s see what are the latest trends in Necklace

This year only a few stars dared to wear necklace on Golden Globe. Unfortunately, this ornament is losing its relevance increasingly and becoming a symbol of the “golden era” of Hollywood. However, there were some ladies who chose not to deny themselves the pleasure “even walking” such a posh jewelry (when still provide such an occasion!).  

Heidi Klum supplemented her character with ornate turquoise, and Freida Pinto tried on diamonds in yellow gold...

Madonna and Jessica Biel – pearls: the first one has a decorate pendant in the shape of a cross, the second lady – a small elegant necklace.

Some words about Golden Globe bracelets

Bracelets – are always the most interesting. You know why? ‘cause Hollywood stylists love very so much to complement dresses with them! This year there was unimaginable variety of bracelets: from a diverse of diamond items with a special and complex contexture to bracelets that are decorated with colored stones – topaz, amethyst, rubies...

By the way, it seems to me that this is gonna be the “new emeralds” – more and more stars wear these stones. So, keep the initiative!

Jessica Alba and diamond bracelet

Bracelets decorated with colored stones...look at Elle Macpherson's hand 

again diamonds...Sofia Vergara loves them 

Kate Winslet looks perfect with the set of wonderful earrings and bracelet